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Running apparel: products

Des Linden + Brooks: Keep Showing Up

How did the 2018 Boston Marathon Champion spend her year? Same as the rest of us — one day at a time. Des says that if you want to get better at running, or anything else, you need to fall in love wit...

In our industry, running apparel, you'll find a wide selection of products from the best brands. Choose the right product for you!

From t-shirts to tank tops, from pants to the jacket: the choice of a proper running wear is essential for enjoying your workout or improve your performance in the race.

On SportIT you can find everything you need: the tank top must be light and breathable, while the t-shirt can present pockets to hold some object with itself.

Your running apparel , you will complete with good pants, tight-fitting or slightly wider, and with a jacket or k-way in case of rain.

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