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Alessandro La Corte

Hello, I am Alessandro and I am also in charge of football SportIT. Since very young, my passion for everything that concerns the world of the ball has accompanied me in all my sporting course. From the age of 6 years old I started to practice football on a regular basis: the right wing dribblomane, my career has been divided between the various series of amateur of Lombardy. To present practical my passion with friends during the course of the year, playing in various tournaments in and around Milan. I have brought my interest to become my job, before in the store and currently in the online world, trying to convey 100% of my passion for the game. Contact me at to ask me advice or give me some of your observation on the site!

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How to choose the sole of the soccer shoe

You have to choose your new football boot, but don't know if the cleats are the right ones for the field where you play? Nothing to fear: our guide to the choice of the sole to the soccer shoe will help you not to make mistakes and to choose the type of shoe that is ideal for your needs.

Foto scarpe fg

The shoes (or boots) FG (firm ground) are the most widespread in the world of footwear soccer.
Are always used for the natural land (grass or earth) to the bottom of the compact. It is, therefore, the soils are neither too muddy or wet nor too dry.

Although they can also be renamed as the shoes 13, the shoes FG can be found with a number of studs that can vary from 11 to 15. With the years, even the shapes of the cleats have changed and have evolved. It has moved from the traditional shape round (which is still on the market even today), to the most innovative forms such as the triangular or lamellar.

Often you can find also different forms of the cleat together. The height of heel is average and the material used is almost exclusively polyurethane (PU).

It is important to underline how the shoes FG cleats triangular or round , are multi-purpose. Fit, in fact, to play on the synthetic fields of the third or fourth generation. The studs and flap are recommended exclusively for natural soils.

Foto scarpe ag

The abbreviation AG (artificial ground) is used for the proper shoes to fields with artificial terrains to the bottom of a medium/low.

They are therefore land, not particularly soft. This type of shoe is definitely adaptable to the circumstances.

Many use it even in the case of natural terrain, frozen, as the rigidity and the hardness of the studs is lower than that of the sole shoes FG. They are very popular for the stability it can give to the foot , and for the quick response and fast in the shot.

The cleats can have different forms, but they are the prevailing ones in the shape of conical or triangular. With respect to the latter, the shoes, AG present a number of studs above. To underline how, at times, the cleat itself can be “drilled”, then with the inside blank. It is in such a way as to ensure a traction designed specifically for the synthetic fields.

In addition, the cleats are evenly distributed on the sole, ensuring a stable and steady.

Foto scarpe fgag

The shoes with the type of sole FG/AG in recent years have had a lot of success.

This is also due to the growth of the soriginal stones with the fields in the synthetic medium of the third and the fourth generation.

Are in fact ideal for synthetic pitches soft, similar to natural grass, and not particularly hard, the features that the new synthetic fields reflect to perfection.

They are equipped with studs multi-purpose, often with round shape, to avoid trauma due to the fit of the cleat the same in the synthetic medium.

The shoes in the FG/AG, then, are the shoes synthetic turf for excellence, but sometimes they can also be used on fields in natural terrain, particularly low and dry. This is because the smaller size of the normal of the cleat provides less stress on the foot on the surface very rigid.


Foto scarpe sg

The shoes are SG (soft ground) are also known with the definition of the shoe 6.

Are the ideal for dealing with fields, natural pesant, with a surface that is wet and muddy and in need of a grip particularly strong.

The studs on the aluminum of these shoes are considered ideal for dealing with items in climatic conditions in autumn or winter.

The spikes have heights different between them. The 2 rear are in fact traditionally high 16mm, while the 4 in front of usually have a height of 13mm. This height may vary depending on the models.

The high altitude ensures an excellent thrust in the soft soil. Narrows, however, the use of these shoes only on the fields and soft ground. In fact, if used on surfaces that are not suitable, the extreme stiffness of the studs would lead to pain and extreme stress to the foot.

Foto scarpe sgpro

The shoes with the type of sole SG PRO (soft ground pro) are also known as shoes cleats mixed.
Are new relatively recent in the world of shoes and a football. Have been introduced by companies such as Nike, Puma and Adidas.

These shoes are designed for natural fields with surface wet and muddy.

The substantial difference with the shoes, SG is the addition of studs (usually 4) in the polyurethane. These are to dampen the piercing action of the 6 studs in aluminium, guaranteeing a fast response and quick on wet soils, or with high grass. The traction is more effective.

These shoes are also highly appreciated by players with feet are particularly delicate. In fact, they may suffer from the stiffness of the cleats of the shoes of the SG.

Foto scarpe tf

They are also commonly called shoes soccer. The shoes TF (turf, definition, English grass) are ideal for the types of synthetic field that have a hard surface.

Possess a sole that includes a large number of small studs of height very low. These footwear allow you to have one shot, and traction, as well as not to solicit particularly the foot.

The shock absorbing midsole the dota a higher comfort compared to traditional shoes natural grass field. Also for this, are highly appreciated not only by those seeking the shoe to the match with friends, but also from the players.

In fact, the latter, in the period of preparation for summer, dealing with intensive workloads (we are talking about the ones on the field), do not want to put stress on the foot too. Eventually they can be used even on fields with soil in a natural clay, extremely hard , and not suitable even to shoes AG.

Foto scarpe ind

The shoes from the ground indoor or futsal fall into a category rather narrow. Indeed, the unique shoes not to submit cleats.

This is intended only to surfaces suitable for the practice of futsal, and then made of PVC, rubber or parquet floors.

The rubber outsole ensures a good grip on these types of soil, and often says NO-MARKING.

This states that the sole does not leave marks or stripes on the surface of the game (some gyms are particularly demanding can request it).

The main characteristic remains however the grip that this type of sole can provide. The tip of this shoe, can also present a reinforcement. In fact, in futsal this area of the upper most stressed compared to football to 11.

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