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Products Nash carp fishing

Welcome in the section dedicated to the product Nash the carp. This English company, created by the guru of carp fishing Kevin Nash, is today one of the world leaders in the production of equipment and bait for the carp fishing.

Rods, curtains, accessories: only the best

Of the products Nash like, without a doubt, the quality of the materials and the study behind it: products are designed by carp anglers for carp anglers. Think, for example, the line Brooms Nash , or to the line Dwarf Nash, created for anglers who have limited time or want to fish even in the city. The Nash Pursuit are rods become legendary in the panorama of the carp fishing world. But also the sun loungers Indulgence Nash have traced a furrow, then path also from other companies.

Lures of high quality

Citruz, Key, Key, Cray, Scopex Squid: Nash has also an important line of baits, lures and attractors for carp fishing under the auspices of the Nashbait. And in addition to the lines of the top level, we find the boilies to groundbait and fast-acting, Nash Instant Action, preferred by those who have little time for fishing and want the maximum yield in a short time. SportIT is the official dealer Nash and on the website are available many products of this brand, including the" Cradle Nash, the tents Titan Nash and products hardware Nash.

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