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Fishing hooks

Ami: the best for fishing

The fishing hooks are an essential element of a fisherman: on SportIT you will find a wide assortment of fish-hooks of the best brands

Love or hook, call them whatever you want, but what we put at the end of the line is crucial because it is what keeps the fish attached to the fisherman.

There are loves for all the techniques: love carp fishing, hooks trout area, ami from trout lake, love feeder, love to fly, love spinning, love carpodromo, love the sea and love by fresh water.

And there are also love specific to fish, as the love for the sea bream, the love for torpedoes, or the fish-hooks with eyelet for fishing with the live.

On there are many fish-hooks of the best brands, such as ami Gamakatsu, available in single hook in the version I love tied up, love VMC, the ami Trabucco, the ami Vincent, the ami Tubertini, the love Korda, love, Nash, ami Fox, but also more "technical" as the ami Tiemco fly fishing or the ami OMTD and Rapture for the fishing to spinning.

If you have any doubts or questions about fishing hooks consult the guide or our blog where you will find articles like this: hooks carp fishing thin, revolution, or hoax?

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