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Boilies Hi-Attract Squid Octopus

Dynamite Baits

Boilies Hi-Attract Squid Octopus 20 mm

12,00 -20% 9,60


Boilies Hi-Attract Squid Octopus

Dynamite Baits

Boilies Hi-Attract Squid Octopus 20 mm

12,95 -10% 11,65



Boilies by Carp: affondanti, pop-up, balanced

Here you will find the best boilies by carp on the market: natural colors or neon colors, affondanti or floating, looking for the boilies for you!

Welcome to the "fragrant" the world of boilies. Here on SportIT are available a lot of boilies for carp fishing of the best british brands like Mainline, Sticky Baits, Nash Baits, Dynamite Baits, Nutrabaits, CCMoore and italians as Over Carp. On this site you will find boilies affondanti, boilies, pop-ups, boilies balanced wafter.

If you are looking for maximum you can choose the boilies Mainline and or boilies Sticky Baits, without a doubt, the best performance on the market.
The boilies Nash are very quick and have made the history of carp fishing, as well as the boilies Nutrabaits.

The boilies Dynamite Baits are the flagship of SportIT, with a taste as legendary as the Boilies Crave, the Boilies The Source, the Boilies Complex-T, the Boilies Mulberry and Boilies Squid & Octopus. Then there are the Boilies to Robin Red, really unique in their kind. Close the row with the economic, but very effective, Boilies Carp-Tec, in different flavours such as Pineapple, Scopex, Krill, Strawberry, and all fruits. If you want to learn more, read the article blog Boilies Carp-Tec Dynamite Baits: which and when to use them?

Over the Carp is a very Italian company that produces boilies, high-level meal of indicustibile food value. His boilies the most famous is the Boilies Sub Zero.

If you need the very best boilies in circulation, cercale on SportIT. And if you need help, you can ask the council to our team of experts carp.

And don't forget that SportIT is the exclusive distributor of the brand-new Boilies Dirty Baits. If you want to know more, read here: Europe's Dirty Yellows, irresistibly yellow.

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