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Skates and skating

Skates, rollerblades, and accessories for skate

Welcome in the section dedicated to the skates, the rink and the sport on wheels. Here you can find memo pads and rollerblade for fun in total comfort and safety.

In-line or 4-wheel

I rollerblade, authentic fashion in the Nineties, are still a good way to keep in shape and do some sport while having fun and enjoying the magic of open-air activities. On SportIT you can find in-line skates as an adult and a child immediately available. If you prefer the safety of 4 wheels, instead, you have to choose the shoes classicwhich can also be used for rollerblading or for making figures of style as in figure skating. In addition to skates and rollerblades, here you will also find accessories such as knee pads, wrist bands, elbow pads , and helmets to live and skate in complete safety.

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