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Paolo Meneghelli

Hello! I am Paul and my passion, as you can see from the photo, is the fishing. I work the lakes and the rivers from when I six years and the techniques I have tried, more or less, (almost) all. Since 1999, living with the "fever" of carp fishing, which is still "my" technique. Working in the world of fishing since 2001, first as a reporter and editor for the tested Fish for Carp, Fishing, Carp Fishing Magazine Carp Fishing Mania, then as editor of the monthly Carp Fishing Top. Today I work as a full-time SportIT, where I take care of everything related to our wonderful passion. If you want to contact me, for info but also to give me tips on how to improve our website, write to the mail!

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How to invert the Spomb clip

There is a "secret", that not everyone is familiar with relating to the Spomb: you can harden it or soften it, simply by reversing the sense of a clip.

This option becomes required when something unpleasant: the Spomb opens in the first flight of tap water.

The Spomb, in fact, comes “standard” with the standard clips, that “soft” for instance, inserted.

When we use the Spomb to maximum load, or for sight-seeing, or do launches very tense, violent and uncoordinated, can happen is that the clips of the series, ceda and open in flight.

With the photo sequence that we see here below, we explain the simple steps to “reverse” the Spomb, then harden it or soften it.


Before starting with the procedure, here is a photo of the “secret” of the Spomb: the clip has two “arms” with two different groove. A, the left, is much more profound than the other, so it has more grip.

reverse clip Spomb step1


The Spomb out of series with the standard clips inserted. Our task will be to reverse it with the one from the throat the deepest.

reverse clip Spomb step2


Here's the inside of the Spomb: here we see the plaque that blocks the clip.

reverse clip Spomb step3


we Rotate with the fingers, the clip counter-clockwise or clockwise. In some cases, this procedure can be strenuous with bare hands: look with a pair of pliers.

reverse clip Spomb step4


The plaque, turning, exits from the guides in the block. Now we can remove it.

reverse clip Spomb step5


When unlocked, the plate jumps away by itself. Careful not to lose the spring.

reverse clip Spomb step6


Here are the two parts that make up the clip that closes the Spomb is disassembled.

reverse clip Spomb step7


Now all we have to do is turn the clip and put it back in the head of the Spomb.

reverse clip Spomb step8


Riapplichiamo the plate parallel to the guide.

reverse clip Spomb step9


we Rotate with your fingers on the plate for relock the clip.

reverse clip Spomb step10


The game is the fact: the plaque is back in place and we can run away with a Spomb more “hard”.

reverse clip Spomb step11

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