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Paolo Meneghelli

Hello! I am Paul and my passion, as you can see from the photo, is the fishing. I work the lakes and the rivers from when I six years and the techniques I have tried, more or less, (almost) all. Since 1999, living with the "fever" of carp fishing, which is still "my" technique. Working in the world of fishing since 2001, first as a reporter and editor for the tested Fish for Carp, Fishing, Carp Fishing Magazine Carp Fishing Mania, then as editor of the monthly Carp Fishing Top. Today I work as a full-time SportIT, where I take care of everything related to our wonderful passion. If you want to contact me, for info but also to give me tips on how to improve our website, write to the mail!

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How to choose the carp fishing mat

materassino culla pesce
The mat unhooking is the symbol of carp fishing. Let's see together how to choose the right one to best protect our prey, together with all the accessories connected to it.

Care of prey is the pillar on which is based the carp fishing: release the carp without having done damage to the mission that every carp angler needs to achieve.

Just for this on the market there are many different products that help us to protect all of the catches from the guadinatura at the time of release.

Starting from the mattress, let's see together the main features of each tool for the carp care, as we define it, the british.

It has the task to protect the carp the moment we pull out of the water, both shocks, both from the privation of mucus due to contact with the surfaces dry and rough, as may be stones, gravel or dry grass.

materassino rilascio

The characteristics of a good mattress for carp fishing, these are:

- Padding: it must be generous, or at least sufficient to support the weight of a carp great weight;
- Size: more the airbed is large, the more the carp is safe. Of course, a larger size corresponds to higher dimensions, but for the health of the fish, we can well endure some “fatigue”;
- Material: the mattress should be in the fabric is smooth, not rough, so that the mucus of the fish, essential for its health, remains at its place.

Already with these three features, we had an idea of what it should have a good mat carp fishing.

We explore once again the theme of the sizes because it is important.

If we fish in an environment that contains a large carp, for instance, from 15 pounds and up, it is important that the mat (an abbreviation very common), has generous dimensions.

At least a meter of length is fundamental to ensure the protection total.

Remember that the more big, the more the fish are delicate, and our negligence, or “laziness” in not wanting to bring fishing, a mat of solids, appropriate may result in death of the specimen are very beautiful.

It does not matter that whether you are a novice or super-experts: it is important that the mattress protect our catches. All.

We now analyze the types of mattress available on the market, explaining its strengths and weaknesses.

materassino piatto
- Mats classic: you characterize to be flat, without sides. The fabric is typically coated nylon. The size can vary depending on the model and usage. Those from the stalking, or for sessions that are fast, in movement, in search of fish, they generally roll up, and easy to transport. In normal conditions, we recommend mattresses at least 100 x 70 cm;

materassino galleggiante
- Mats classic with padding float: identical to those above, but stuffed with styrofoam pellets or sponge float. Are plans, but because of the play on padding, the sides slightly elevated and protect better the fish. They are very well padded, then among the most secure in case of accidental fall of the fish, float: ideal for those who love to take photos of catches directly in the water;

materassino piscina
- Mats in the pool: are the mats of oval shape or rectangular with sides. Some call them “crocodiles”, from the name of one of the first mattresses of this type placed on the market years ago. Those in the pool are among the mattresses the most used because they are not bulky and allow you to manage a good fish, even when you are alone. Can be closed at the top to trap the prey, and to prepare the camera for the self timer. The last key feature: thanks to the handles, can also serve as the bag of weighing and facilitate a lot the release of fish, especially in areas with strong slope;

materassino culla
- Cradle and cots: the most modern. They are slowly monopolizing the market for a simple reason: they are the most safest for the carp, because, being mounted on a frame, hold the fish suspended off the ground. The carp can squirm and jump, but never touches the ground, and therefore runs the risk of getting hurt. Some models are free of mesh on the bottom, so they can be filled with water to make it less unpleasant to the permanence of the prey on the mat. They have essentially two defects. First, they are more bulky and heavy mats in normal; and second, to make it a little difficult to release without the use of a bag weighing (which we see in the next paragraph). Despite this, they are a favorite of hunters of big carp, and many lakes for a fee, they are making it mandatory because of their quality.

After seeing the mattresses, which are the most important tools for the care of the fish, let's turn to the accessories.

sacca in pesatura
In English we find under the name of sling. Are the bags that have the task to allow us to weigh the fish with precision and safety without dropping it to the floor.

There are several different models of bags, weighing, here they are presented one by one with their description:

- Sling classic: they are simple bags, with nylon coated or in a network, equipped with handles, which must be applied to the balance at the time of weighing. Minimal expense, good result;

- Sling to the slats: in the network or nylon, are born to facilitate, in addition that the operations of weighing, and also those of release. The task of the slats is to keep the fabric taut, so that the body of the fish remains straight, linear, and not bend unnaturally under the weight of gravity (which is a carp, in the water, it feels a lot less compared to outside!);

sacca a stecche galleggianti
- Sling sticks floats: are the pockets the most modern and typically are composed in part by the network, and in part from nylon. In addition to having the function of pockets of weighing, can be used as the pockets of the maintenance (if equipped with the network): thanks to the sticks floating, we can cherish for a few hours, the fish in the water in complete safety, leaving him in his environment without making it feel too forced.

Mattresses to cot and bags weighing sticks are, nowadays, a combination almost a must because the bags are weighing supply to the main defect of the mats in the cradle, or the difficulty in the release of the fish.

By placing the bag open on the mattress, slameremo the fish, the peseremo, the fotograferemo and will release without him suffering any trauma.

The release, in particular, is facilitated from the pockets slats: just rest the bag on the water, gently open the slats, and the prey will return by itself in its natural environment.

sacca pesatura
Have the function of holding the fish for a while in its natural environment causing less damage as possible while waiting for the photos.

L’use the main pockets of maintenance is to - night: it sticks the fish in the bag in case of a capture in the dark to photograph then in the morning with the light.

The bags of maintenance are made in kind of synthetic material, so that the water can enter and exit freely inside.

They are sold in small bottles and should be used primarily to protect the catches from the infections caused by our love or by impact against obstacles.

The application of disinfectants, depending on the types of disinfectant, and takes place through small sticks of cotton, or directly from the bottles, if they have a dispenser.

Disinfectants are important to protect also the points in which the flakes of the fish are jump street, or it bumps against obstacles, or for our distraction.

tripode pesatura
Are the accessories of accessories. The weigh tripod are tripod telescopic with hook to which to apply the balance and make the weighing accurate and secure (especially not strenuous for the back).

The handles have the same task, but they have a ergonomic shape for a handle firm.

Once you have seen the accessories, here is some practical advice for not to do harm to the carp and when we have captured:

- When the lift from the water with the landing net, check always that the fins are not entangled in the network;

- Never shoot in the foot: if the fish falls from height man suffers serious damage, even if there is not a mattress;

maniglia pesatura
- We always wet the skin of our catches rovesciandogli water on him while they are out of the water and bathing their hands before touching;

- Remove from the wrists, watches and bracelets of metal before doing the photos, because they can spoil the skin of the fish;

- Keep out of the water each capture , with the least possible;

- When we release the carp, riossigeniamola for good by holding it in the water by the tail and move it back and forth;

- If we decide to use the bag of maintenance, we leave the fish inside for the shortest possible time and be sure to place the same in a mirror point of water with good depth.

In the case of wind, we are attentive to the waves and the current that might help you beat the prey, trapped in our net against the shore.
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