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Alessandro La Corte

Hello, I am Alessandro and I am also in charge of football SportIT. Since very young, my passion for everything that concerns the world of the ball has accompanied me in all my sporting course. From the age of 6 years old I started to practice football on a regular basis: the right wing dribblomane, my career has been divided between the various series of amateur of Lombardy. To present practical my passion with friends during the course of the year, playing in various tournaments in and around Milan. I have brought my interest to become my job, before in the store and currently in the online world, trying to convey 100% of my passion for the game. Contact me at to ask me advice or give me some of your observation on the site!

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Guide to Top Types

What is the type of the upper of the soccer shoe that fits your game? What are the pros and cons of each material used? If you want the answer to these questions, please see our guide to the types of upper to have a view very clear before you buy your new football boot.

The types of the upper, the football boots, of course, differ according to the materials from which is made the uppers the same. We see, then, what are the main:


Foto copa
The kangaroo leather upper is one of the uppers the most appreciated in the world of football. Especially for the players who love the tradition and the use of classic materials, it represents a real "must".

Defined in English as K-Leather, this leather has the ability to adapt optimally to the foot of the user. It is also for this reason that it is not advisable to leave too much space at the tip, since the skin will naturally loosen and to assume the optimal configuration for the foot.

Usually, this material is used for uppers of shoes of top of the range, because it is a very expensive and delicate.

Are shoes that need careful care and steady: for this we refer to the final paragraph of this guide.

Last note: if you are not treated in a specific way, these types of uppers are not waterproof. So be careful to use them in case of heavy rain.

Models of shoes with kangaroo leather upper: the Adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Tiempo Legend, King, Kangaroo Diadora Brasil OG


Foto kaiser
The upper in full grain leather has established itself over time as the right compromise between quality and cost.

Made with the most valuable of the cutting of the skin, proves to be a soft material, and well-adaptable in any circumstance of the game. It's definitely less sensitive than the skin of the kangaroo, but it proves to be more durable and stand up well to the rain.

Although not as delicate as the relatives "noble", also the upper in full grain leather requires continuous attention.

Models of shoes with upper in full grain leather: Adidas Kaiser 5 Nike Tiempo Genius, Adidas Most, Joma Top Flex.


Foto messi
The uppers made of synthetic are well established in a manner very decided in the last few years, thanks to their lightness, their ease of handling and their relatively low cost, even if there are no models of the shoe in synthetic with very high prices.

Shoes are certainly less soft than the leather in general does not fit to the shape of the foot as do the natural materials. For this reason, it is good to leave a small margin of space at the tip, since the material is not sformerà particularly.

Easy to clean and treatthe shoes with upper in synthetic material and are well suited to any field and are multi-purpose 100%. Chosen by the professional as by the amateur, they now represent the widest part in the panorama of the components of the upper of the football boots.

Models of shoes with upper in synthetic material: Adidas Messi 16.3, Nike Mercurial Victory


Foto mercurial
In recent years the trend, dictated by the giants like Adidas and Nike, and to propose types of fabric upper. This material is very probably the future of materials used for soccer shoes and is designed to offer maximum comfort combined with a lightweight high.

Specifically, Adidas offers a fabric upper with a material called Primeknit: it has a structure of knitted choked, protected by a thin layer of skin of the bottom.

Nike, instead, focuses on the so-called Fkyknit, with fibers ultreleggere and ultraflessibili, for a result that remains at the top for lightness and fit.

Models of shoe with fabric upper: the Adidas Ace 17+ , Nike Hypervenom III Phantom.

We spend the last part of the guide is to give useful tips to care for leather upper.

It is recommended that you first remove mud, dust and dirt with a brush. For a more thorough cleaning you can use a slightly damp cloth. You should never put shoes in the washing machine.

To dry a optimal the shoe, it is good to use sheets of newspaper crumpled. The shoe should never be placed beneath heat sources and artificial sources (radiators) or natural (the sun). It will be sufficient to leave them on the balcony, in a sheltered but ventilated.

Finally, to keep the total elasticity and resistance of the material, we recommend the use of grease seal or grease artificial.

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