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Our history

SportIT was born from the thirty years experience gained in the traditional market of sports goods and leisure, thanks to the passion of the founder of the Brico Sport and the family Colzani which continued the work and the activity. Sensitive to the transformations and to the evolution of digital commerce, the company chooses to embark on a new adventure serving as a point of reference for the e-commerce industry.

Thus was born, in 2016 an online store dedicated to digital commerce for those who practice and love sports and for those looking for the right products to begin a sporting activity.

Our mission

The company's goal is to provide Customers with the best products for the sport and their passions with a catalogue continually up to date that offers the new cutting-edge in the field, with pages of proposals cost-effective and offers the outlet. Our mantra is “Passion, Experience, Sport” summarizes the values of SportIT: the passion for physical activity, the experience of our employees and the sport, that is our target.

Our strengths

SportIT keeps the 2 points of sale as the historical and traditional in the town of Seregno and Cesano Maderno, integrating them with two corner shop in Monza and Verona, and looking to the future with SportIT Football Milan, a new store concept that integrates the spaces of the traditional store with the services of the online.

In the experience of the passage from the real to the virtual, the company has maintained a staff of competent, highly skilled and passionate, who is able to help the client in his choices.

The shipment, with punctual delivery and fast, it's always free and April 2018 delivery all over the world.

Our loans, our projects

SportIT Football in 2018, has received the “National Prize for innovation in Services,” awarded by Confcommercio and has been awarded to the Netcomm Awards as the best multichannel project of SportIT Football.

Also on the podium of the survey conducted by Panorama and “Statesman” for the quality of customer service in the category “Football Online”.

By 2017 SportIT has launched the initiative “Companions of Sport”: for every 25 Euro spent in the store SportIT, and e-commerce, will be delivered to the customer one or more good “Friends of Sports”, collected by the sports clubs, schools and youth groups, will enable access to a catalog of prizes in equipment and sports equipment.

SportIT offers a series of events that aim to involve its customers as the community running the “Run With Us” that has reached almost 200 members, the Fit Camp (new for summer 2018) and a series of events related to the world of sport fishing, skiing, hiking, and diving.

We are competent in all the doctrines of the most recognizable sports including Fishing, Football, Running, Fitness and much more.

Our Authority is supported by the media who talk about us and the brands that trust us with their distribution, with some exclusive products.

We are a Reliable with over 40 years of history and our vision, linked to the satisfaction of the customer, always.

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