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Dip fishing

Bait dip: the best attractors fishing

Fish Gutz Dynamite Baits: how to use it - Carp Fishing -

The Fish Gutz you can find him on SportIT: The Fish Gutz of Dynamite Baits back on the market after some years of absence. An attractor concentrated, deadly, very much appreciated, not only d...

Dip fishing are essential to attract fish in many fishing techniques as carp fishing, feeder fishing shot

The bait dip are not only the attractors to carp fishing. There are many products for fishing in the sea and in fresh water that are dedicated to specific fish.

In addition to the attractors carp, in fact, in the dip fishing are the attractors from barbel, the attractors from chub, the attractors from the tench, the attractors from the crucian carp, as well as the attractors from the race are used by those doing competitions.

The right dip fishing should be chosen according to the season. There are in fact bait dip from the warm water and bait dip from cold water, to choose from, depending on the temperature of the water. In the category of dip fishing are also liquid for pasture to use in the feeder and in the fishing shot, in addition to carp. And there are also dip spray to spray on the bait, or attractors fluorescent as the Goo of Korda. gives you the best of attractors fishing are available for the dip of the best brands such as Dynamite Baits, Marukyu, Mainline, Nashbait, Sticky Baits, Over Carp boilies, CCMoore, and many others.

Then, there are the advice of the guides and blog. For example: The best attractors to carp for the winter , or How to enhance the boilies pop-up with the attractors

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