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Hello, I am Alessandro and I am also in charge of football SportIT. Since very young, my passion for everything that concerns the world of the ball has accompanied me in all my sporting course. From the age of 6 years old I started to practice football on a regular basis: the right wing dribblomane, my career has been divided between the various series of amateur of Lombardy. To present practical my passion with friends during the course of the year, playing in various tournaments in and around Milan. I have brought my interest to become my job, before in the store and currently in the online world, trying to convey 100% of my passion for the game. Contact me at to ask me advice or give me some of your observation on the site!

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How to Choose Gloves From Door

Do you want to buy your new goalie gloves but you are undecided on what model can do for you? Read our guide to the choice of the glove to the goalkeeper and you'll find the right advice for you to make the most of your choice.

It is important to start from a basic concept: to choose the best the goalie's gloves, you need to be aware of the fact that the glove consists of three fundamental components. They are the type of palm, the type of the back and the type of closure.


The palm is the most important part of the glove goalie's. Foto palmo guanto portiere Thanks to the mix of rubber and latex, the palm of the glove ensures grip and grip on the ball. It is also the the part that consumes the most fast and easily and it is also the most delicate.

For the different quality of milk please refer to the final paragraph of this guide.

We also understand that the palms of the gloves also differ in the thickness of the latex, the softness and the cut.

The thickness of the gloves ranges from 3 to 5 mm: the gloves are thicker are more resistant, the thinner ones they are more sensitive.

The the difference of softness leads to a greater the socket in the gloves more soft and a more resistance in the harder ones.

The cut the glove can be classic or flat (with the outside seams), negative (with seams on the inside), rollfinger (extension of the latex around the fingers). Some gloves are then cut and mixed.


Foto dorso guanto portiere The back of the glove is the part that provides breathability and support to the hand. Determines the weight of the product and differentiates in fact, for the type of breathability and type of support.

The greater or lesser breathability of the glove depends on the amount of use of materials such as mesh or similar.

The back plays an important support function: the presence or absence of cues is a fundamental choice for any goalkeeper.

The sticks certainly offer greater support and are excellent also as a means of preventing injury to the fingers.

On the other hand, some goalies prefer to maintain a greater freedom of movement, not including the sticks in the back of the glove.


Foto polsino guanto portiere

The locking system of the glove is an important part for every goalkeeper. The glove should be balance and must support also the hand in going to intervene on the balloons.

Usually, the more a glove is the better, the more increases also the quality of the wristband.

The most common is the classic hook and loop closure, one that can make the difference, however, is the quality and elasticity of the cuff itself.


Now let's see some of the popular types of latex of the best brands, used on the palms of the models of gloves most popular.

G2 Ultrasoft (Reusch)

This type of latex provides optimal elasticity and softness, even in wet conditions.

The latest versions outputs have found a substantial improvement abrasion.

At the top in any category.


G1 Ultrasoft Catch Control (Reusch)

Thanks to the microporous structure, provides a socket always at the top , and maximum sensitivity on the ball.

The insert in memory foam helps the stabilisation and reduces the impact of the ball.


G1 Ultrasoft (Reusch)

Renewed, through a new production process.

The microporous structure ensures excellent quality control and in the grip of the ball.


M1 Mega Grip (Reusch)

With the inner lining with 80% natural latex, it is in can ensure an outstanding grip in any condition.

Foam that is particularly soft and comfortable.


M21 Duo Mega Grip (Reusch)

Latex ultra-resistant.

Integrates the technology Mega Grip with a further coating of the system DUO.

Cushioning and maximum yield.


X1 Wet ' n Dry (Reusch)

Excellent cushioning and softness.

The key feature of this lattice is the versatility of use.

In any atmospheric condition, it shows always at the topfor overall yield.


D1 Durasoft (Reusch)

One of top of the range of Reusch.

Grip constantly at the top, excellent versatility.

Is also excellent, and the abrasion resistance.


Q1 Quad Grip (Reusch)

Latex glove intended for use on dry field.

Very resistant, also suitable for futsal.

The special porous structure that protects, most of the palm fromwear and tear of the dust.


Absolutgrip Plus (Uhlsport)

One of the top range of Uhlsport.

Improved performance thanks to the new tread compound that increases grip more than 10% .


Absolutgrip (Uhlsport)

Latex for the needs of goalkeepers professionals.

Good grip, suitable for all sorts of weather conditions.


Supersoft Plus (Uhlsport)

A great classic of lactic acid for the gloves.

Grip and cushioning improved compared to the old version.


Soft (Uhlsport)

Latex fits gloves to young goalkeepers, not recommended for the the needs of the professional.

Outlet qualitative, thanks to the latex foam improved.


Hardground Plus Graphit (Uhlsport)

Compound composed of graphite particles for a duration more.

Resistant to abrasion of the synthetic fields.


Hardground (Uhlsport)

Latex economic for newcomers to the world of the goalkeeper.

To be used on fields that are hard and ruined or for training.


Aquasoft Plus (Uhlsport)

Latex suitable to the conditions of the wet field.

Little resistant to abrasion.


Ultimate Grip (Puma)

One of top of the range of the Puma.

Made for exceptional grip and cushioning.

Not recommended on hard surfaces.


Absorb Grip (Puma)

Latex particular, and hybrid.

Its peculiarity is in being able to absorb the water and hold on to it, leaving the glove and wet performance.


Graphite Plus (Puma)

Latex used by goalkeepers professionals, first of all Gigi Buffon.

Great grip and good versatility for any the condition of the game.


Multi Grip (Puma)

Latex suitable for young goalkeepers , a non-professional or goalkeepers amateur.

Good resistance, grip discreet.

Not suitable on wet.


Contact Foam (Nike)

Absorption extreme shocks and impacts to this latex top of the range Nike.

Multi-purpose, adapts well to any weather condition.


Extragrip with aXorb (Storelli)

Double layer of latex to a thickness of up to 6mm.

Very good in stage of shock absorption.

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