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Alessandro La Corte

Hello, I am Alessandro and I am also in charge of football SportIT. Since very young, my passion for everything that concerns the world of the ball has accompanied me in all my sporting course. From the age of 6 years old I started to practice football on a regular basis: the right wing dribblomane, my career has been divided between the various series of amateur of Lombardy. To present practical my passion with friends during the course of the year, playing in various tournaments in and around Milan. I have brought my interest to become my job, before in the store and currently in the online world, trying to convey 100% of my passion for the game. Contact me at to ask me advice or give me some of your observation on the site!

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Guide to soccer fields

Are you not in the know on the type of terrain where you have to play? Would you like to know the merits and defects of each surface, in order to choose the most suitable shoes? Take a look at the guide to the types of soils football below: you will find answers that apply to your situation and that will allow you to better face the match.

The land of football can be divided into seven major categories, each with specific characteristics of hardness and adhesion. Each plot corresponds to a precise type of football boot, even if in certain cases some shoes prove to be quite versatile and can be used on most terrains. Let's see in detail the characteristics of each surface.


Foto terreni fg

The natural soils at the bottom of a compact (Firm Grounds) are among the most popular in the panorama of the fields from the game.

In football clubs are often used as fields where to play in the championship game or tournament, and then as a field by the race official.

Are distinguished by the presence of a bottom with grass and natural terrain. This, although of course it can vary from field to field, it is never excessively high and is compact under the feet.

The field natural compact is usually not very slippery. At the same time can be pretty hard, also depending on the season in which you play the above, in the case of athlete's feet.

The shoes ideal for playing on this type of soil are sole shoes FG. Thanks to the studs PU or rubber, these shoes offer a grip that is suitable and does not go soliciting, and excessively stress the sole of the foot.


Foto terreni ag

The artificial terrains to the bottom synthetic soft (Artificial Grounds) represent a relative novelty in the world of football fields.

In this category, in fact, the land synthetic third (rubber granules) and fourth generation (rubber granules and sand).

These two types are among the most popular among the centers sports or between the football clubs, that often use them for training, because even in the winter season and absorb less water compared to fields with natural grass and are generally more resistant.

The surface of these fields is generally abrasive, moderately hard and with a lot of grip. In addition, high temperatures can become very hot, giving a feeling of very strong warmth to the foot.

The shoes ideal for play on land of this type are those with sole AG, even if lately the big brands are offering models with a sole FG/AG, the ideal soils of this type, and is also suitable on natural grass.

In alternatively, if the height of the synthetic is fairly high, you can use shoes with sole FG (soccer cleats round or triangular, never lamellar), while if it is low, and consumed you can use shoes with rubber sole TF card, ideal for not putting too much stress on the foot.


Foto terreni hg

The use on firm natural surfaces (Hard Grounds) group together those soils that have a fund especially hard and hard.

Usually, this fund is in clay, sand or gravel.

Therefore it becomes essential to have shoes for optimal foot comfort , and the dispersion unique pressure.

In this sense, the best solution is represented certainly by the shoes sole TF.

An alternative solution, to be used only if the field is wet, it can be represented by the sole shoes AG.


Foto terreni sg

A natural soil soft Soft Grounds) is the typical field that faces you in the autumn or the winter.

It is made a particularly heavy, wet and muddy from rain and bad weather.

Often accompanied with a high grass, and slippery, which promotes instability, and poor adherence.

Not infrequently, presents puddles and areas of water that make it even more difficult to control the ball.

In these cases it is best to acquire shoes SG or SG Pro.

These, thanks to their cleats in aluminium, guarantees an optimal grip even in extreme conditions.


Foto terreni tf

The artificial terrains, hard Turf and Grounds) are the classic soccer fields of the second generation.

On this surface all’artificial grass (often propylene oxide) is added to the silica sand.

Are the fields particularly hard, where is need to have a shoe that to ensure acceleration and comfort.

In addition to this, are surfaces especially abrasive, which should be to consume intensely the sole and upper of the shoe.

This is why it is necessary to have shoes with a sole TF, ideal not to put stress on the foot, and to resist the abrasion of the sand.


Foto terreni in

Terrain indoor/futsal (Indoor Grounds) include those surfaces the game that are approved for the practice of the football 5-a.

The materials they are made of these surfaces are usually parquet, PVC or rubber.

It is the surfaces where it is necessary to maintain a good grip and it is optimal to use shoes with a sole specific to futsal.

Made of rubber, these shoes are designed to maintain optimum stability , and also does not leave marks on the surface, required quality in almost all the fields.


Foto terreni st

The land in concrete (Street Grounds) are a category rather particular in view of the play surfaces.

They are, in fact, frequently destined to the practice of freestyle and street soccer, which have features very different from the normal game of football or soccer.

The areas for this practice are concrete or asphalt and are particularly harsh: it is for this reason that to address them to the best you need to use a shoe street soccer, the optimal especially in the stage of cushioning.

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